text of Pierre Varenne, d’après le Dictionnaire Biographique des Artistes Contemporains, 1910-1930, Edouard Joseph, Art & Edition, Paris, 1931.

Jacqueline Marval shows at the salons d’automne (sociétaire), des indépendants, beaux-arts national society, tuileries, participated to numerous exhibitions abroad, especially in Pittsburg, barcelona, liège, venise, kyoto, in switzerland and hungary. her parents, school directors wanted them to pursue a career in teaching but she understood quickly that wouldn’t be her path and, very young, felt the desire to paint.

Collections : Georges Menier, P. Bénard, Mattéi, Miquel, Ducharne, René Dubost, Paquement…
Museums : Luxembourg (La Mystérieuse), Le Havre, Nantes, Alger, Kyoto …

Grand Bouquet à ma Fenêtre, Jacqueline Marval. Oil on canvas, 110 x 150 cm.
Private collection, Paris.

Bouquet au Voile Blanc, Jacqueline Marval, c 1925. Oil on canvas, 100 cm x 80 cm. Private collection, Paris.

Jacqueline Marval was not a female painter. She was just a painter. She could never understand why artists were categorised according to their sex; She always refused to exhibit exclusively with her " lady colleagues". She didn't believe that an art exhibition should invoke a feminist convention.She found the ladies compartment wearisome…

Jacqueline Marval never adhered to it in the hope that, eventually, thanks to the shape of a dress or hat, she would be sought after by art lovers, who with a taste for the past, would strive to keep its lost grace. The timelessness of a fashion plate might be charming, but Jacqueline Marval had higher and more justified ambitions.

The science of volume and proportions, the sense of composition, the mystical play on shadows and light, a velvety cheek, the tranparency of a veil, the expression of a sentiment and all that is fleeting, inaccessible in the everchanging sky which is "the face of a woman". This is what her magical brush set down for ever!

Grand Bouquet de Roses, Jacqueline Marval.

Pivoines Blanches à ma Fenêtre, Jacqueline Marval, c 1920. Oil on canvas, 81 cm x 100 cm. Private collection, Paris.

Look at those flowers, those dazzling flowers, so light, so misty, so carnal! It is a glistening cascade of hawthorn, blueberries, lillies, daisies, peonies, irises, dahlias, poppies, guelder-roses, phlox, buttercups, digitalis and especially roses, roses of every shape, every kind and every colour.

And these flowers, so rarely arranged in order, almost always thrown in a jumble, live again with such intensity, so ardently, so violently that when we look at a canvas by Marval, we think that it will soon fade and die away like a bouquet.

But of course it won't, these shimmering paintings, done with such force and tenderness, by this solitary and wild Jacqueline Marval. Art which is honest, haughty and deep gives them permanence. From her window on the Quai Saint Michel, Marval's gaze went as far and as high as the greatest…

Night falling on Notre Dame. The last glows of twilight fall on the embankment, in folds of shadow and silence, we can only hear the cry of a faraway boat. Paris is like a little abandoned harbour. Everything gets dark, such a cold and sad darkness… But in front of me a mottled spray of flowers fills the studio with charm and light…


D’après le Dictionnaire Biographique des Artistes Contemporains, 1910-1930,
Edouard Joseph, Art & Edition, Paris, 1931 (Droits Réservés)